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What Advice Would you give a Younger You Entering the Working World?

18 January 2018

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I’m an Associate here at cazden (yes, the small “c” is deliberate!). I’ve been working here at cazden coming on three years now, but my career hasn’t always been plain sailing, which got me... read more


London. Paris. New York. Tobermory?

11 December 2017

‘Sorry where are you calling from?’ is a question I get asked daily being a recruiter who works from Tobermory, Isle of Mull. Even now where self-driving cars are close to market, robots may replace workers and people have a... read more

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London. Paris. New York. Tobermory?

Woman in Technology

15 November 2017

I am a Geek! There I said it, and you know what, it feels good.  I love technology and enjoy “trying” to understand how it all works. In my first role, I remember the day we got our first computer... read more

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Say hello to cazden's new recruit...

22 August 2017

Alastair Edwards Hi, I am Alastair Edwards and I have recently joined cazden, having worked in recruitment for just over 3 years now. I started in Marine and Offshore recruitment in Aberdeen where I got my first taste of recruitment,... read more

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Aegon UK and Cazden partnership - further details

19 July 2017

Following on from our blog in April about our partnership with Aegon UK, please see below links to a rather cool animation that the clever people at Aegon have put together to showcase what this service is all about.   http:// read more


Dad’s wise words

31 May 2017

We are nearly at 1 st June, which is a date that cazden celebrate as it was the date that we launched the business back in 2010.  It was just Caz and Den back then (hence cazden) and although exciting,... read more


Work From Home Mum.....Boring!

19 May 2017

I love my job! I love my son! I'm good at my job! I'm good at being a mum! So how do I choose which one to spend the most time on???   As a hardworking mum this is one of... read more


Aegon UK and Cazden partnership

20 April 2017

Cazden is proud to partner with Aegon UK to offer a key person replacement service for Aegon’s Business Protection customers. With this service, customers can contact Cazden for help and support in replacing key people within their business.  They can... read more


We will rock you!

13 April 2017

Many organisations in the last few years have sold the fact they have a ‘unique culture’, where their teams have daily stand ups over free kale juices or sing ‘we will rock you’ first thing on a Monday morning as... read more



30 March 2017

Today  is many things, examples below: National Pencil Day My Mother In Law’s Birthday National Take a Walk in the Park Day National Turkey Neck Soup Day National Am In Control Day From the above, some of them mean something... read more

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