We will rock you!

13 April 2017

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Many organisations in the last few years have sold the fact they have a ‘unique culture’, where their teams have daily stand ups over free kale juices or sing ‘we will rock you’ first thing on a Monday morning as a motivational tool.  All these things are great but do you need to go to the extreme of buying in the latest trend to achieve a motivated team? 


Both the good and bad moments in life will bring you closer to the people around you.  For example, you may always remember when that person in the office who is always quiet and ‘kept themselves to themselves’ got a bit tipsy at Friday pints and you found that they had a lot in common with you. Or when you were going through a tough time and you came into work to find a cupcake on your desk that made you smile.   It might all sound goofy but for me personally what makes an organisation great is the team around you.  It’s that knowledge that if your mum broke her ankle, you can rush off to drive her to the hospital (true story) and you won’t come back to stressed out colleagues or a boss saying ‘can we have a word?’.   


I love the team at cazden and feel lucky to call them my friends.  We do enjoy daily stand ups over Skype (as we are geographically spread) although being rebels sometimes we sit down! I love the fact we manage to blend what’s in trend with keeping it simple and ensuring what we do works.


What’s the whackiest motivational technique or tool you have heard of?  What works best for your team/organisation?


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