Woman in Technology

15 November 2017


I am a Geek! There I said it, and you know what, it feels good.  I love technology and enjoy “trying” to understand how it all works.

In my first role, I remember the day we got our first computer (it was HUGE); most people feared the green and black screen that shone out to them.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it – hence I quickly became the “super user” (this was long before this title was ever introduced).  I went on to become a PC trainer and loved demystifying various software packages to people.  I always started with showing them the undo button or teaching them Ctrl Z.  It’s amazing how much people relax when they know they won’t break it!

My passion has stayed with me and I have now worked in technology for over 20 years.  It’s quite sad that during this time there have never been many women in the teams I have worked in, especially at a senior/management level.

Although I like this image below, I don’t like that there are no females being used.  How can we expect to attract more women when most marketing material always seems to just show men?  

It’s great that schools are now doing more technology based work but is there still the stereotype that programming, for example, is man’s work?

I would love to hear more success stories from anyone who has introduced initiatives to attract more women into technology based roles.  Do you have something to share?

My own view is that this image sums up woman’s minds quite well (surely something that makes women well suited to technical roles):




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