Light bulb moment!

31 January 2019

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When did you last have a light bulb moment? ​

For me, it was a bleak day in Edinburgh when I was on a packed train.  As I now live on Mull am not used to being in such a confined, busy space so I often let my mind wander off.  I was thinking back to my corporate life in Edinburgh where I often wished I could have an extra pair of hands to support with a project etc.  I wouldn’t want to outsource it and couldn’t afford to either but a little help with a specific task would be great.  That’s where our Pick & Mix idea came from. 

Wouldn’t it be great to get HR or Recruitment expertise at a fraction of cost in comparison to a placement fee?  With Pick & Mix, you can.  We have successfully trialled this out with a couple of clients and are now ready to offer the service wider.

Please see the attached flyer which explains more and details all costs (how refreshing to see what you will be charged up front!).

The clients we trialled this service with have said the following:

“I have had the great opportunity and pleasure to work with cazden to support our recruitment needs. cazden has the ability to have a technical understanding of the role while fitting to team and company culture. They recently approached pureLiFi to discuss a unique way to solve our recruitment needs, through Pick and Mix.

We recently trialled out 2 of the 5 pick n mix options - to great success. Whether it’s using their job boards or the candidate search; the pick n mix allows employers to tailor and tweak the service to their budget and to market trends.

We valued the service so much that we’ve continued to use this process for all our recruitment needs. cazden continue to provide the more traditional recruitment method (exceptionally well) but Pick and Mix is something new, different and unique which has worked very well for our business needs.”    

Jess Igoe, HR Manager

For further details on our pick n mix service including associated costs, please click here.

If you wish to discuss this further, then please give Denise a call on 01688 302664 or email us at  


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