1st March – Employee Appreciation Day

1 March 2019

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As today is #EmployeeAppreciationDay I wanted to let the team know just how I feel.

First up is our longest serving employee, Lisa Hume.

Lisa knocked on my door straight from school to ask for some work experience.  She was very shy and quiet but eager to learn.  It took a little bit of time to get her out of her shell and feeling more confident about her abilities, but she now knows she rocks!  Lisa is great at organising, she’s fab talking to candidates and is great in front of a client.  She is an all rounder who is capable of anything.  Lisa, thank you!

Keeleigh (Kee) and I used to work for the same company many, many years ago.  I worked in the Edinburgh office and Kee in London.  We ended up being pregnant at the same time with our boys which gave us a bond that has never been broken.  We then became Facebook friends and one day Kee posted that she didn’t regret moving out of London to Kent, but she wished she could still have her City job.  I quickly got on the phone and hired her to work with us.  We describe Kee as “raji” in a good way.  Kee has a lot of drive and energy and LOVES working with candidates.  She is brilliant at learning new roles, new skills and just doing whatever is needed.  Kee, our process Queen, thank you!

Joanne and I were friends before colleagues; we were pregnant at the same time (this time it was girls) and both ended up with gestational diabetes which bonded us over what the heck we should be eating!  I asked Joanne last year to help us out for a few weeks on a project and then we just didn’t let her leave.  Joanne works part time for us in the morning and I appreciate her work ethic and banter in the office.  Recruitment has a lot of highs and lows and banter always helps keep you going.  Thank you, Joanne, for all the laughs and your hard work.

Helen is still quite new to cazden (November) so we are still getting to know each other.  In saying that she has already stayed over twice so has seen me in my jammies!  I love that your singing is worse than mine (and that is saying something) but you sing anyway.  You have a lot of potential, you just have to feel it within you.  Thank you for giving it your all.

Thank you team, for everything!



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