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4 May 2016

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What a busy start to 2016 cazden have had. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to get the shorts and t-shirts on for our one day of summer!

So, what’s it like working for cazden? I hear you ask. Pretty fantastic, I think you’ll find and here’s the evidence to prove it. We asked some of our Associates to share what it is that they love about their job and here’s what they had to say:

Keeleigh– Associate

“I feel so lucky working with cazden as I can still be a full time mum to my son as I work when he is at school or in bed; perfect combination.

Working the hours around my home life is such a bonus and therefore I do not feel “working is a chore” where I have done in the past when having to travel and get into an office. I enjoy the work I do and feel part of a great working team, where I can approach anyone from Director level to other Associates like me, if I need help. I am learning new skills on a daily basis and have learnt so much in the year I’ve been doing this.”

Lauren– Associate

“I love working for cazden because it offers so much more than any other “normal” office job could. Here’s just a few reasons why I enjoy my job so much:

1: The flexibility! Setting my own hours means the job can fit into my life easily. I also find that I am a lot more productive than I would be in any other role as I can work for a few hours at a time rather than sitting at my desk for 8 hours a day, twiddling my thumbs every now and then. 

2: No commute! No mad rush to the office every morning, elbowing my way through hordes of other commuters. Just a few steps to wherever in the house I choose to work from that day. It also gives me the flexibility to see friends and family around the UK and sometimes even abroad; the perks of working remotely!

3: Communication. With many in the team in the same boat of working remotely, I find that communications are much better and a lot more productive than in any other job I’ve had.

4: My colleagues. The cazden team is dynamic and motivated. An all round fantastic group of people.”

Kellie– Associate

“After my maternity leave ended, I reluctantly didn’t go back to my old job as a Contractor Support Consultant in Edinburgh.  It was a daunting thought with 2 young children. The return commute alone was going to take me at least 2.5 hours each day.

Concerned I was going to lose the skills that I had developed over 17 years in the Recruitment Industry, I was secretly hoping the right opportunity would come my way.  So I was naturally delighted when only 4 months after I had resigned from my previous employment, Denise and Caryn got in touch to offer me the perfect job. I’ve known both Denise and Caryn for more than 10 years and I think they’re just fantastic so it was a no brainer for me to join their awesome team.

It’s great that I can work from home doing hours that fit around my family and me.

I absolutely love my job!”


Heather– Associate

“I enjoy the flexibility that working for cazden provides. The role fits easily around a busy life with many other commitments.  The job allows me to keep skills that I would not currently be using up to date and learn new skills as well. It also gives me some extra cash at the end of the month to treat myself.”  :)

Lisa– Resourcer & Administrator

“I’ve been with cazden now for nearly 4 years, and this is why I love it:

1. My commute is exactly a 2 minute walk from my house. I also get to live and work in one of the most stunning places on earth: the Isle of Mull!

2 We help people not only find that dream job but realise their potential and it’s very satisfying when both candidate and client are happy with the outcome.

3. I have the best colleagues, who support me, teach me and very often make me laugh so much I nearly choke on my coffee.

4. You get to work with people from not only across the UK but also across the world and it is brilliant being able to work with such a diverse range of people and cultures.

5. cazden are quite simply awesome!”




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