Cazden get Arty

16 July 2013

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Denise was approached by a resident artist in Mull to become part of an Art’s exhibition in An Tobar, Tobermory (‎).  Once she realised she didn’t have to pose nude and scare all the locals, she kindly agreed to take part.  The artist Deirdre Nelson’s programme was called “Bespoke Blow Ins”.  Deirdre wanted to find out what brought people to live and work on the beautiful Island of Mull and then would make something bespoke to fit with their life and / or work.

It appears Deirdre summed up Denise pretty well as she was branded the Resident Geek – see below!


Deirdre made Denise a sun visor for her laptop with a detachable scarf.   Knowing the Scottish summer, Deirdre thought if nothing else Denise would get good use out of the scarf!


An Tobar is part of Comar an Arts Organisation that Denise is a Board member of.  She supports them from an HR viewpoint and in return they are helping Denise become a bit more cultured!

You can view examples of Deirdre’s work at and




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